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Adrian "OZ" Osborne is an artist, musician and public speaker, who has worked as a freelance caricaturist since 1992, during which time he has drawn over 50,000 caricatures at corporate and private and events around Australia.


Osborne's individual drawing style and colourful delivery has created a demand for his services- and with the ability to draw a caricature in around 2 minutes, he has established himself as one of the "fastest felt tips" in the business.

He established his first website in 1994 offering an on-line cartoon service, one of the first of its kind; and with the advance of mobile communication technology, Osborne now delivers his artwork by email and mobile phone to clients around the world.

SPLAToons became the first liquor-licensed cartoon studio in 2000, when Osborne saw an opportunity to combine two of his favourite pastimes (ie drawing and drinking red wine) into a business which now sells his artwork on wine bottles Australia wide, while he dreams of the 2 day working fortnight and the 3 day lunch.


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With over 30 years of professional experience and 50,000 caricatures under his belt, Adrian “OZ” Osborne delivers cartooning and caricature workshops with an emphasis on the importance of developing personal communication skills, while his colourful and lively delivery caters for a spectrum of age groups and abilities.

His presentation is designed to demystify drawing by demonstrating cartooning and caricature skills with a combination of live cartooning demonstrations and storytelling that will inspire new ideas and ignite confidence, while encouraging students to step outside their comfort zone, and expand their own drawing talent (even those who claim they “can only draw stick figures”!)

Ultimately Osborne’s workshops demonstrate the importance of rediscovering the confidence and strength that comes from doing what you love, and that one of the most powerful tools in your life could be the pen in your hand.


Recommended ages:Child and adult sessions available.
Duration: Workshops tailored for 30 to 90 minute sessions.  

Cost: Contact studio for quotation.

BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES: 0413 311 744 or email




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