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Prices listed are for one person only (not for commercial purposes)

Contact us for a free quotation for couples or group portraits, or artwork for commercial use.


The cartoon portraits are full body (big head & little body) and can feature the person doing their favourite sport/hobby/past time, with text and talking bubbles if you like.


A4 sized B&W (210mm x 297mm)  = $35.00 (plus $16.50 per extra person)  

A4 sized Colour (210mm x 297mm)  = $55.00  (plus $22 per extra person)   


A3 sized B&W (297mm x 420mm)  = $55.00 (plus $16.50 per extra person )  

A3 sized Colour (297mm x 420mm)= $92.50 (plus $22 per extra person)   


A2 sized B&W (420mm x 594mm)  = $150.00 (plus $16.50 per extra person)  

A2 sized Colour (420mm x 594mm)  =$235.00 (plus $22 per extra person)   

Custom Caricature portraits

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